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Frequently Asked Questions

This won’t work for my restaurant, too many modifiers and too complex of a menu

Acknowledge that this is only for restaurants that are interrupted with phone orders while trying to service customers on site.  Most customers who have visited your restaurants and order via phone already know what they want and how they want it:  example: Hot chicken wings with garlic butter on the side.

That bell is pretty jarring, any options to adjust sound?

The bell volume is adjusted by the restaurant owner, in busy, noisy environments the bell will help, you can attenuate the volume in the device.

How do I know my orders are not being flagged as robocall?

Robocalls do not press 1 to leave a new order...  After 5 seconds with no response the system cancels the call.  A real person will call again and leave the order.

Called from landline, what happens to that text confirmation?

The text to landline will fail and the system alerts the restaurant that the order requires a call back confirmation.

Is there an option for XO voice to flag a message as ‘needing a call back’?

The phone number is always presented to the restaurant who always has the option to call the customer if the call has too much background noise or if it needs clarification.  All phone numbers are recorded and presented to the restaurant.  No missed phone calls.

Do orders ‘time out’ or some sort of safeguard there if not confirmed within a specified amount of time?

A new feature will be added in November to notify the manager that no response has been sent to the order after 2 minutes.

How can the order flow be managed and ‘waitlisted’ for a specific period of time when busy?

The automated response sends back the order ready time that the restaurant enters, and the customer can either accept or cancel the order if the restaurant is too busy and the order will take too long to pick up.

Pay at the restaurant XO voice, how do I protect myself against fake orders?

Currently restaurants accept phone orders and have the phone and customer name. If the customer does not pick the order up, the phone number can be flagged for future confirmation and credit card prepayment.